Coriolan Viorel TIUSAN

Professor at Babes-Bolyiai of Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Senior Researcher at National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS), France


Prof. PhD. Habil. C. Tiusan has over 25 year experience in the field of Spintronics acquired within several high level international European laboratories.

His scientific expertise regards elaboration and characterization techniques of simple and complex small dimensional systems (thin films, multilayer systems, micro and nano devices): ultra-high vacuum techniques (Molecular Beam Epitaxy, sputtering), magnetic and micromagnetic characterization techniques: AGFM, VSM, SQUID magnetometry, Kerr effect electrical and magneto-electric characterization in variable magnetic field and temperature, specific techniques for analyzing surfaces and interfaces: Atomic / Magnetic Force Microscopy (AFM / MFM), Tunnel Microscopy (STM), Electron Diffraction (RHEED / LEED), Auger Spectroscopy (AES), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and scanning (SEM), clean room techniques: micro- and nano-structuring (various types of lithography, wet and dry etching), long-term experience in analytical and numerical modeling of physical phenomena, the ability to perform complex correlated analyzes: experiment-theory or by combining several experimental investigative techniques. He authored more than 120 ISI papers, over 100 oral presentations in international conferences with 16 invited talks and coordinated research activities at different levels: PhD, postdocs, and research teams within various research projects with national or european funding. He was awarded by the Romanian Academy Prize “Constantin Miculescu” , the Bronze Medal of CNRS France and by the French national award for scientific excellence (PES).

During the last two decades, C. Tiusan was leader of R&D projects of about 2M€ in France and Romania. Grace to a POS-CCE project (ID 574 SMIS CSNR 12467- 2010-2014) directed by the C. Tiusan, the Romanian implementation laboratory (C4S-TUCN) became a functional center capable to produce spintronic devices and sensor prototypes based on thin film, micro and nanoelectronic technologies.


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