Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Genova, Italy


Davide Peddis (DP) graduated magna cum laude in Physical Chemistry (2003) and obtained his PhD in Physical Chemistry (2007) at the University of Cagliari. Since 2022 DP is Full Professor of Physical chemistry @ University of Genova and associate researcher at CNR-ISM. In the years 2007-2009 he worked as Research Fellow at University of Cagliari and at ISM – CNR. He was Senior Scientist at Vinca Institute, University of Belgrade between December 2015 and February 2017 where he was team leader of a group focused on synthesis and functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical application. He has extensive experience in collaborations with international groups: – visiting professor at the Le Mans University (collab. Prof. J.M. Grenèche); – Extended Guest Lecturer at the Uppsala University (collab. with Prof. P. Nordblad and Prof. R. Mathieu); – visiting scholar at the University of Delaware (Collab.with Prof. G. Hadjipanayis). Research activity of DP is developed in the framework of Solid State Physical-Chemistry and Condensed Matter Physics, studying the relationship between physical properties, crystalline structures, and morphological features of magnetic nano–hetero-structures (nanoparticles, particles embedded in matrix, core shell structures, hollow nanoparticles, anisometric particles). Particular attention has been devoted to the investigation of fundamental properties of magnetic nanoparticles (static and dynamical properties) with particular interest in materials for applications in biomedicine (MRI, drug delivery, hyperthermia), catalysis, and energy field (permanent magnets, hydrogen production). DP research activity is presented in over 160 peer reviewed papers (h-index/Cit.: 38/4646- Google Scholar,) and 6 book chapter in the period 2006-2020. He was co-editor of a book titled “New Trends of Nanoparticles Magnetism” (Springer, 2021). DP over 250 communications, including invited (58 personally given) and oral presentations (25 personally given), to national / international conferences ad recognized scientific institution. DP has been co- supervisor of 5 master students, 5 PhD student, 3 post-docs, 5 researchers in formation and he was also appointed for three international PhD committee (February 2015, November 2017 Uppsala University, 2020, Basel University). Davide Peddis has been granted over 1.3 milion of euro to date, coming for national and EU project.

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