Professor, Principal Investigator, Nano Photochemistry, Nanotech. Dept. Environmental Studies and Research Institute, University of Sadat City, Menoufia, Egypt


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Recent Publications:
1. Highly selective synthesis of glyceryl monostearate via lipase catalyzed esterification of triple pressed stearic acid and glycerin, Mustafa, A., Ramadan, R., Niikura, F., Inayat, A., Hafez, H., Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments , 2023, 57, 103200,
2. Viable production of hydrogen and methane from polluted water using eco-friendly plasmonic Pd-TiO2 nanocomposites, Mbrouk, O., Fawzy, M., El-Shafey, H.M., …Abdel Mottaleb, M.S.A., Hafez, H. RSC Advances, 2023, 13(2), pp. 770–780.
3. Green microwave synthesis of ZnO and CeO2 nanorods for infectious diseases control and biomedical applications, Gharbia, N., Elsabbagh, S., Saleh, A., Hafez, H. AMB Express, 2022, 12(1), 153.
4. Stimulated generation of photobiogas by morphologically tuned nanostructured ZnO and ZnO/TiO2. Mbrouk, O., Hafez, H., Mozia, S., Othman, A.M., Abdel Mottaleb, M.S.A. BMC Chemistry, 2022, 16(1), 74.

1. University Award for Excellence 2018-2019
2. Award for Distinguished Scientific Researches Offered by MFK Foundation and BUE., 2014
3. State Incentive Prize in Chemistry, 2014
4. Scientific Excellence Award for continuous development of scientific research, 2012, for International publication in (2010-2011) with the highest Eigen Factor from the National Authority for Quality Assurance & Accreditation of Education.
5. Stimulate Outstanding Award For Young Researchers at the Environmental Studies and Research Institute (ESRI), Sadat University, 2012.
Scientific Visits & Grants
• Visitor Scientist at Faculty of Geology, Barcelona University, Spain, 2010-2011
• Visitor Scientist at Institute of Material Physical Chemistry, Hauqiao Universtiy, Quanzhou, China, 2008-2009
• Visitor Scientist, at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, USA, 2007

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