Associate professor, National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt


Awarded PhD from Oslo University, Norway in 2013, specialized in Organic Chemistry/ Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Faculty of mathematics and natural sciences, Oslo University, Norway.

The field of research work is in material sciences and development of efficient approaches for environmental, medical and photocatalysis application.

Research expertise:

– Synthesis of catalytic materials.

– The use of various analytical techniques for characterization the nano-structured materials and properties of materials (e.g., UV- vis, SEM, TEM, EDX, BET, Raman, AFM,).

– Synthesis and application of two-dimensional materials (e.g. Graphene, reduced graphene oxide, pristine graphene and their hybrids, g-C3N4, Carbon nanotubes) and/or low-dimensional heterostructures.

– Designing of catalysts for targeting the reduction of pollutants in water sources (e.g., pharmaceuticals, organics, tc.).

Scientific records:

– Publications: About 50 published papers in high impacted journals

– Books and chapters: one book and three book chapters


– Quota Scheme from higher education ministry in Norway for funding PhD study at University of Oslo, Norway (2008)

– Best Researcher in Nordic Natural Products Conference, Oslo, Norway Nordic Conference (2011).

– Top-ten prize, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt for occupying 8th position on the faculty. (2002)


– Associate Professor, National research Centre, Egypt (Period: 2019-current).

– Visiting professor, Hellenic Meditereanean University, Greece (Period: 25-28 July 2023).

– Visiting professor, Hellenic Meditereanean University, Greece (Period: 5-15 December 2022).

– Visiting professor, University of Brimingham, UK (Period: 28 June- 30 July 2022).

– Assistant Professor, Taif University, Saudi Arabia (Secondment period: 2014-2016).

– PhD student and researcher scientist, University of Oslo, Norway (Period: 2009-2013).

– Researcher, National Research Centre, Egypt (Period: 2007-2009).

– Assistant Researcher, National Research Centre (Period: 2003-2007).

Reviewer in Journals:

– Biomass conversion and biorefinery.

– Biomolecules.

– Molecules.

– Egyptian Journal of Chemistry.

– Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science.